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There's no better way to get around Florida than in a party bus, that's for sure. Boca Raton Party Bus is in the business of offering high end party bus service. So, we guess it's safe to say that there's no better way to get around Florida than to use a party bus from Boca Raton Limo Bus! Our train chauffeurs are the best and they'll get you to and from your events and functions with ease, leaving you and your friends and family thrilled that you chose our service!

It should go without saying but we are licensed, bonded, and insured to the highest extent of the law. That means when you get in any type of vehicle provided by South Florida Limos then you're in great hands! You can ride in style without any doubt in your mind that you'll be able to have fun without any issues, worries, or concerns. We go out of our way to make sure that all of our customers are completely safe and secure on the road. This begins with high quality vehicles that are purchased brand new, and then we keep them exquisitely maintained so that they run in absolute tip-top condition. A flawlessly working bus is a safer bus! That also saves us on fuel costs which we are then able to pass on to you. Whether you're the type of person who says money is no object or the type who is on a strict budget, no one likes to waste money. That never happens with us. We're all about your satisfaction and loyalty, never price gouging.

We've really got a beautiful fleet of vehicles for you to take a look at, and you can do that at any time by clicking on our party buses page or by coming down to our lot in person to take the grand tour! We'd be thrilled to show you the outstanding vehicles that we have collected and that we care for, and it's so great for you to be able to choose the ideal vehicle for your upcoming trip as well. Having said that, if you are short on time, our expert staff really knows precisely how to choose the right party bus for your needs, so don't hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an email and let us do the choosing for you! Whichever you prefer.

We serve a wide variety of events in our area, with our most popular ones being sports events, festivals, birthday parties, and weddings. It really doesn't matter how unique or different your event is, we will be able to take you wherever you need to go, no questions asked. We can even customize your trip to make it really fit your style and needs. For instance, we offer lovely wedding day packages that include decor for the bus and even a bottle of champagne.

You can take a look at our extended service area here on the site too, and we think you'll be surprised that it covers the counties of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade, Please note that we can often travel outside of those areas too. Those are simply the areas that we travel to most often. We're happy to accommodate you in any way that we can, and if we can do so without extra fees, that's always a priority for us.

If you've got any questions for us, you might want to take a peek at our FAQ page, but you're also welcome to call or email us any time. When you do, if you already know the date of your event, the type of the event, and the number of passengers you'll be expecting (a ballpark figure will do), we can provide you with a free price quote right over the phone. That's a no-obligation price quote, so you can shop around and feel no pressure to do business with us! We look forward to making your trip an absolute dream!

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Party Bus Interior

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Would we be in business for as long as we have been if we based our business on taking advantage of others and making a quick buck? No. We are honest and loyal, just like a business should be.


We hire the best limo builders in the state to build our party buses to our exact specifications. We're not going to pull the old bait and switch. We send what you expect.