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With millions of visitors each year in Boca Raton there is never a dull moment. No, all year is fun and exciting! Tourists and natives alike all enjoy in the fun, sun, and exciting times. With all of these events in town, you can rest assured that you are going to have a great time when you're in Boca Raton.

We cover the full spectrum of events in the Boca Raton area—from sports, film festivals, and parties, all the way to bar hopping and clubbing. The beautiful thing about living in a tropical paradise is that there is an event going on during all times of the year. Popular Boca Raton events include baseball, football, The Club Plaza Cabaret, Poker and Casino Night, Sushi & Stroll Summer Walk Series, Comedy Night at Club Plaza!, Boca Ballet, Summer Time Moonlight Sea Turtle Walks, and a lot more.

The beautiful thing is that when you choose Boca Raton Party Bus you never have to worry about parking, driving, or anything else. You can skip the headache that comes with driving and enjoy the great time that is involved with having a party bus. Boca Raton Party Bus offers transportation and party bus services during events and festivals all year round.

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Popular Occasions

Looking to blow off some steam or just want to check that we are experienced in service for your trip?

Our party buses as well as our chauffeurs well suited for any kind of event from the most professional & formal event to the wildest fun nights out on the town just to have a random great time with you and your friends and/or family. Just let us know the occasion and you're covered.

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We have   luxury vehicles   available for any event or occasion you may be planning!

We Frequently Provide Services For The Following:

Sports Events

We provide party bus transportation to and from sporting events. Also, coupled with sporting events is the beautiful time that is known as "tailgating." That's a great way to have an awesome party before and after the event!


When it comes to Boca Raton, you're sure to have plenty of places to head to festivals. With beautiful weather all year around, you can assure yourself that you'll take part in awesome festivals all year long.

Birthday Parties

There's almost no better way to celebrate your birthday than to gather you and your best friends and partying the night away! It doesn't matter if it's your 16th, 21st, 30th, or any birthday!

Weddings And More

Weddings, bachelor & bachelorette parties are all are top priorities. We provide service for all of those events and we've yet to let anyone down!

We are always very impressed with your transportation services for our corporate outings. We will be happily sticking with your company.

- Terrance Porter Frequent Corporate Client
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