Boca Raton Party Bus FAQ

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How Many People Are Allowed In Your Buses?
Short Answer: Depends on the vehicle & state regulations

That is determined by the Florida Department of Transportation for each vehicle and how it's designed. They measure the available seating on our vehicles and figure out exactly what each party bus & limos maximum passenger capacity. We highly suggest, and we promise not in an upselling way, that if you have let's just say 22 people, you don't book a 22 passenger bus as you would think. You and your guests will be pretty cramped if most or all people are adults or even teenagers. To get the best experience for everyone you will be much better off with a 26-30 capacity party bus. The larger bus will only be slightly more, if everybody is splitting the cost most people would rather spend a little extra for optimal comfort.

Do You Offer Free Food And Drinks Inside Your Bus?
Short Answer: We provide the ice, cups, and paper towels.

We do not offer free food or drinks. We will, however, provide you with cups, paper towel, and ice. We cannot provide alcohol, you and your guests will either want to bring your drinks or food with you or ask the bus driver to find a place to stop so everyone can get what they want for the trip. Most customers and their guests come with their drinks and put them on ice when they get in the party bus.

What Are My Liabilities As A Customer?
Short Answer: As long as the bus isn't trashed you don't need to worry

When you rent a party bus you are responsible for damage done to the vehicle. Ripped seats, excessive clean up, damage to electronics, and so on are all examples of what a customer will be responsible for, your transportation contract will cover everything, it's very rare for customers to have to pay for any sort of damages or any other liabilities. As long as you and your guests are respectful of our property and don't break the law there shouldn't be any issues.

Where Can We Go Inside Of The Party Bus?
Short Answer: Anywhere you wish in the state.

You can go as far as you'd like. We have an unlimited mileage policy as long a your pickup and drop off locations are in the same city. That means we will drive you as far as you'd like as long as you return home at the end of the trip. The only thing we can't do is take you on multi-state trips. We just ask that if you know your trip is going to take more than around hour longer than you are booking for to let us know in advance.

Can I Check Your Buses First To Help Me Decide?
Short Answer: You just need to make an appointment!

Absolutely. We not only allow you to but encourage you to check on our buses beforehand. We're so happy with their appearance that we're more than happy to invite you to come and see them ahead of time. We require you set an appointment first to make sure the vehicle(s) you are interested in aren't going to be on a run or being worked on by our garage staff.

What If We Need The Bus For Longer Than Originally Planned?
Short Answer: You just pay the agreed upon hourly rate.

That's simple. Our overtime options simply bill for the bus for the same hourly rate. However, it's billed in quarter hour increments (Every 15 minutes.) to ensure that you are not billed for any time that you do not use. It's really that simple! We just ask that you inform us if ahead of time if you know your trip is going to go an hour or more over the time you are booked for.

What information do you need for a quote or reservation?
Short Answer: Who, What, Where, When, & Why

We need to know everything pertinent to your planned trip in order to provide you with an accurate quote and booking. The nice thing about getting a free quote from Boca Raton Party Bus is that if nothing changes when you call back to book your quote should be easy to pull up and make booking a breeze.

What We Need

  • Location of pick up & drop off
  • Date and time for your trip
  • Location of where you are going
  • Number of passengers (Including you)
  • Your Name & number to save the quote

What Is Helpful

  • If you know the trips duration.
  • The type of event or occasion.
  • If any guests are under 21 years old
  • If you will be making multiple stops
  • Anything else you feel we should know
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